Birthstone Colours

Firefrost jewellery comes in lots of different colours. So if you want to make a gift more personal you could choose one of our designs in a special birthstone colour. For instance for someone with two children you could choose our Heart Duo pendant with the children’s birthstone colours.

To help you, here is the Firefrost guide to birthstone colours and which of our colours to choose to represent that month

January colour is Garnet or Red. It represents Fire, Faith, Truth & Grace. Choose Red or Dark Red from the Firefrost colours

The February colour is – Amethyst – created by Bacchus.  We have Amethyst as a colour option in the Firefrost range

The colour for March is Aquamarine the spirit of the sea. harmony, happiness,purity. At Firefrost we call this colour Marino it is a lovely deep blue\green shade

The April birthstone is Diamond – which represents eternity and courage. We don’t sell diamonds at Firefrost but our Crystal colour might be a suitable alternative and a lot less expensive than a diamond.

Emerald green is the colour for May and stands for loyalty and friendship.  Our normal Green is more of a Lime green but we do have some earrings in Emerald Green

The month of June has  Pearl for purity. We don’t have a perfect match for pearl but people often refer to Murano glass as Venetian Pearls so you could choose any of our lovely colours.

Ruby is the colour for July which suggests peace, harmony and health. Our Red is a lovely deep Ruby Red colour

For birthdays in August the colour is Peridot, which means love, truth and loyalty. At Firefrost our normal Green is light and bright and very similar to Peridot.

The September birthstone is Sapphire, which stands for dignity, loyalty, serenity, faith, purity and wisdom. At Firefrost lots of our designs come in Sapphire including our very popular Bella Heart Pendants.

The birthstone for October is Opal. They represent Hope Creativity and InnocenceOpals come in lots of colours although White and Green are the most common. You could also choose from Blue or Pink or even Brown and Black.

For those born in November the birthstone is Topaz and is associated with both strength and healing for both body and mind.  Firefrost jewellery offers our Small Heart Earrings and our Carina Range in Topaz.

The December birthstone is Turquoise our most popular colour. It represents a happy life filled with good fortune. Almost all of our Firefrost jewellery is available in Turquoise because we love it and so do our customers.