How to care for your silver jewellery

Murano glass heart pendants - Bella

At Firefrost all our chains, findings and fittings are .925 sterling silver. This is an alloy, that means it is a mix of metals. To be called ‘sterling’ there must be at least 92.5% silver in this mix. The remaining 7.5% is made up of other metals to stop the silver being too soft or too brittle. With all sterling silver there is a risk it can tarnish, usually when exposed to a moist damp environment or sometimes caused by chemicals maybe perfume or hairspray. If you want to keep your silver jewellery bright and shiny here is what you can do:

When you are not wearing your jewellery keep it in a purpose made jewellery box (away from sunlight) or in a dry, sealed air tight polythene bag. At Firefrost we send our jewellery out with a little anti tarnish tab in the box under the foam pad. Keep your jewellery in its Firefrost box, that should help prevent it tarnishing. The worst thing you can do is to leave it on the bathroom or kitchen windowsill in a warm damp environment.

If your jewellery does get tarnished don’t despair, we’d recommend you get a good quality silver cloth give it a little polish and it should come up good as new.

We also have a nifty tip for cleaning tarnished silver chains and bangles etc (but don’t do this with anything with stones or beads or that has been deliberately oxidised).  Get an old disposable takeaway container or similar, line it with aluminium foil, add a generous amount of household salt. Pop your silver on top of the salt, pour over boiling water and watch as your silver becomes as good as new in seconds. A little bit of magic. Rinse and dry well.

And finally, the best way to keep your silver bright and shiny is to wear it lots.  It seems that there is something about the natural oils on our skin that help to stop it tarnishing.  So wear your jewellery and enjoy it.