All our Glass Jewellery is produced using handcrafted glass beads by artisan glass workers in Venice, Italy.  Using time honoured traditional Murano Glass making techniques our team create stunningly beautiful, colourful and tactile murano glass beads.

Our glass jewellery is lightweight, tactile, colourful and unique.  A perfect accessory for any outfit you want to wear, as we have such wide spectrum of colours available

By layering metal leaf (gold or silver) into the glass bead during the production process the resulting piece has a shimmering lustre.  It is this lustre that makes our glass jewellery stand out.  Once the sun catches the bead the full beauty emerges and you will be noticed.

With such a wide spectrum of colour available across our range of murano glass jewellery we have the perfect accessory for whatever outfit you are wanting to wear.  Simply choose your outfit and then look for the bead that will compliment it. When people are deciding which piece to buy for the someone special in their lives, we usually start by asking, which colour do they wear?  We all have a favourite colour don’t we? Which is your favourite colour?

Visit our Shop and search for your favourite colour and treat yourself to something special, or spoil that special someone in your life to a unique piece of murano glass jewellery.  Show them how much you love them.