How Firefrost beads are made

Rosella round pendant
Firefrost Beads
Firefrost Murano glass beads being made


During a recent visited to Italy to look for new colours and styles of beads for Firefrost we went to see one of the very skilled artisan bead makers who makes some of our Murano glass beads including our beautiful Ripples Beads.  We watched as she selected the colour from a selection of Murano glass rods, heated the glass, rolled the core of glass around some gold leaf, heated the glass again, added another colour, shaped the glass, heated it again for a final shaping and then set it to cool in a box of sand.  For some of our more intricate beads the process can take a skilled bead maker 10 minutes or more and that is after a lifetime of practice. Only by watching this process can you really understand the time and skill that goes into making these beautiful Murano glass beads. Because the beads are handmade each one is unique and is a mini work of art.