Jewellery photography

Moon and Stars Pendant Firefrost Designs

Jewellery photography is tricky. One of the main problems of selling jewellery online is trying to get my photos good enough. It would be lovely to have a professional photo of each piece of jewellery but in practice this is not possible. Murano glass is especially tricky to photograph because of the way the light bounces off the beautiful gold and silver lined beads. I have even had professional photographers decline work because they felt they couldn’t do it justice. Anyway this all boils down to the fact that if I want to show you our new designs I have to learn to take halfway decent photos myself.  Normally I set up a small light tent indoors to get consistent lighting.  But more and more I am finding my jewellery is influenced by my love of the outdoors.  So when I get the chance I like to try and shoot outside. I am trying to find a way of having good photos that reflect the Firefrost style, handmade with love and care.  I have been practicing today and here are a couple of my photos that I am quite pleased with.  I hope you like them.  I have just added the Moon and Stars Pendant to our website and I will be updating the Tree of Life Pendants to add the full range of colours very soon.